Monday, November 23, 2009

More Cleaning & Painting

I took off the ink plate support braket, cleaned and painted it. The disk advance leaver as well got the same treatment. As I was working on that I realized that it is easier to shim the whole braket up (to make up for the ink disk machining hight loss), then to make a bronze disk to put on the disk journal. Then I takled the rear of the press bed (under the ink disk), with those deep pockets formed by the web of reinforcing bars. That area is a real trap for dirt and junk and is also the place where I have found the worst scaling (likey from the original casting process).

After yet another night of cleaning and painting the rear and sides of the press bed are painted. For a while now I thought the paint I'm using (Tremclad dark blue) was too soft. But I'm changing my mind on that. The first items I painted more than a week ago now are getting harder every day. I was worried about being able to wipe oil of the surface if it stayed relatively soft. And I'm getting used to the colour as well - I thought that it was too light, but it's nice to be able to see all the parts even when the light is not right on it, and also I'm just getting used to it.

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