Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally Moved Inside

After a bunch more moving stuff around, throwing stuff away and recycling - the press is inside! Its mot pretty, and there is a lot more stuff that will have to go, but it's inside before the snow!

And if that is not enough, the first piece has been painted. I took off the ink platter, cleaned it and painted the under side.
The top side will take some more work. When the press was shut down and stored something was left on the platter - it was likely ink - and that has eaten into the surface. The Scotch-Brite pad on the die grinder is cleaning it up but there are quite a few pits left. So I took the sanding disk and tried to get more agressive in polishing the marks out. I'm not happy with the results. I'm going to look for a machine shop to grind the surface on a lathe so as not to remove too much metal. But its a start!

I found a machine shop, but that started some real concern: We put a straight edge across the ink surface and discovered either the platter is seriously distorted - or it is supposed to be crowned (the center being sone 3/16" higher than the sides). I will have to wait until it is put on the lathe before we can be sure. In the meantime I'd appreciate if anybody can check their C&P ink platters to see it they are crowned or really flat?

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