Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, after some explorations the owner of the "remains of the press" and I could not come to terms on a price. He felt that he had invested some $2500 in the press, type and furniture and wanted to recoup a lot of that. Well, since I am/was only interested in the press for printing my artwork, that was way too much risk - and time committment to get it into working condition. He felt that the press was working before he "stored" it, and there would be "nothing too it" to put it back together. I had guesstimated eight weekends to fully dismantle, recondition & repair the press. And in re-evaluating why I want the press in the first place, it struck me that I want to print, and the repair - while I can do it - it really is secondary. So I declined and we parted ways on that subject.

Since then I've actively searched for another press, but so far have come up empty.

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