Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting Closer - Just Another Week

So it's just another week until I get to lay my eyes on what I bought. The trailer rental has been arranged. A double axel open trailer that should be able to handle the weight. I have to get a bunch of tiedowns to secure the press on the trailer, and I have been thinking about the process of getting the press onto the trailer. Tomorrow I plan on looking at the trailers and measuring some details. I think I should prepare some blocking for the rear of the trailer for when the weight of the press lands on the deck. There is supposed to be a forklift available, but even with a forklift - or especially with a forklift - there is only so much reach. The trailer is 12 feet long and has boards and rail around the front and sides. So the only way to get the press to the center is to drop it on the back and push-slide it forward. For that the back better be supported well.
More after the visit to the trailer place...

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